In view of the fact that the initiative to create a system of critical infrastructure protection came from public administration, the cooperation of public administration bodies is one of the fundamental elements of crisis management which critical infrastructure protection is a vital part of.

Cooperation relies on joint actions aimed at improving the security conditions of such infrastructure.

This means the creation of common concepts, standards as well as promoting solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure which is reflected in the government documents and their implementation.

Cooperation between public administration under the CIP is based on a constant exchange of information, which accelerates and increases the effectiveness of the protection and influence on the process of security management of critical infrastructure.

The cooperation includes, in particular:

  • a database of experts on issues related to critical infrastructure within the CI sectors. Experts database sped up the process of consultation and at the same time provides substantive support in the event of disruption of the CI and within the framework of public-private forum,
  • CIP contact points list within the public administration and governmental services (including ministries, central offices, voivodeship offices, Police Headquarters, Internal Security Agency, Intelligence Agency and the Headquarters of the Border Guards and State Fire Service),
  • participation in the development, revision and implementation of the National Critical Infrastructure Protection Programme.