Government Centre for Security is responsible for the preparation of the National Critical Infrastructure Protection Programme in close collaboration with the ministers and heads of central offices competent in matters of national security as well as responsible for the following systems:

  1. Energy, fuel and energy resources supply systems,
  2. Communication systems,
  3. Tele-information network systems,
  4. Financial systems,
  5. Food supply systems,
  6. Water supply systems,
  7. Health protection systems,
  8. Transportation systems,
  9. Rescue systems,
  10. Systems ensuring the continuity of public administration activities,
  11. Systems of production, storing and use of chemical and radioactive substances, including pipelines for hazardous substances;

The Programme aims at creating conditions for improving the security of critical infrastructure, in particular:

  • preventing the malfunctioning of critical infrastructure;
  • preparing for crisis situations that could adversely affect critical infrastructure;
  • response in the event of destruction or disruption of critical infrastructure functioning;
  • reconstruction of critical infrastructure.

The Programme specifies:

  • national priorities, objectives, requirements and standards, to ensure the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure;
  • the ministers in charge of government administration units and heads of central offices responsible for the systems mentioned above;
  • detailed criteria which enable to identify objects, installations, facilities and services included in the critical infrastructure systems, taking account of their importance for the functioning of the state and satisfying the needs of the citizens


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